Where to Buy Essential Oils


Before you can use essential oils, you have to first buy them.  Easy, right?  No!  Have you looked on Amazon lately?  There are literally hundreds of sellers and so many different brands.

I will not, at least for now, promote any one brand over another.  I will offer some choices based on my experience and research so far.

MLM Companies

MLM companies are Multi-Level Marketing Companies.  Think Pampered Chef or Beachbody.

Two popular MLM companies for essential oils are doTERRA and Young Living.   I have used doTERRA, and have had no problems with their products.  But, they are expensive.  However, they do offer a lot of educational information on their website.  Wellness advocates will usually offer education opportunities as well.  I would imagine that Young Living is similar.

Other Online Retailers

My other online go-to for essential oils is Edens Garden.  Their prices are reasonable and they also offer a lot of information about each oil and its uses.  Edens Gardens also provides independent reports regarding the chemical composition of the oil.  These tests are important to review as they show whether or not an oil is pure or has somehow been adulterated.

One other retailer that I trust is Mountain Rose Herbs.  I have bought herbs and teas from this site and just love them.  I would trust their oils (although they do not provide any test reports).

Be Informed

Finding pure, unadulterated oils can be a challenge.  And adulterated oils can be harmful.  Keep in mind that there is no universal “certified grade” or any other review mechanism for verifying the purity of oils. For this is reason it is important to trust the retailer and to be sure that the essential oils you are putting on your body are pure.

If you are really interested in the science or the testing, check out these sources:


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