Natural Cleaning on a Budget

When I first started researching how to clean with all-natural product, I did so more out of concern for saving money than saving the environment.  However, ridding my home chemicals was certainly an added bonus.

As with most everything on the internet, there is an overwhelming amount of information.  If I tried every recipe I found, I would easily spend more money than if I bought my usual cleaning products.   In all honesty, you really need TWO, maybe three, ingredients to clean your house naturally.

  • VINEGAR – preferably white.  Find it at Walmart, the grocery store, your local Dollar Store, or Costco.
  • BAKING SODA – sometimes I get the really big box at Costco (and it lasts forever) or I’ll grab a couple of cheap boxes at the Dollar Store.  I actually prefer the Dollar Store’s baking soda – it’s a bit finer and doesn’t clump.
  • WATER – plain old tap water is fine; if you’re feeling fancy, you can use distilled or purified water.
  • SPRAY BOTTLE – some would argue that glass is best, and they are probably correct.  But, glass spray bottles are also expensive.  I did finally break down and buy some cheaper spray bottles at the Dollar Store, but I’ve also re-used old Windex and Febreeze bottles.
  • ESSENTIAL OILS – There are a variety of oils you can use, but the only ones I use are Lemon or Melaleuca (tea tree) Oils (for antibacterial/antiseptic properties).
  • OPTIONAL –  Rubbing alcohol – this is great for removing hairspray residue and for keeping mirrors from streaking.

This All Purpose Cleaning Spray is my main household cleaner.  I use it in the kitchen ALL the time and I use it to clean the bathroom sink, shower door, and whatever else needs wiped off.  It is also fantastic for getting outdoor furniture clean!

If you’re adding rubbing alcohol, I would suggest 1/4 cup or less to this recipe.




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